Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Spectacular sunsets of nicobar

Talk about setting of our life-giving star, and the even the most taciturn and reticent speaker shall wax eloquent, ordinary mortals like me may even turn poetic. The tangerine sunsets washes the skies and earth in a golden hue so enchanting that not even a puritan can stay indifferent to it. The mysterious song of cicadas, the slow fading of deep orange, mixing with darker crimsons and finally disappearing into midnight blues, the darkening of coconut greens in to gaunt windblown silhouettes are priceless. The sea beaches apart from mountains are considered best for viewing these sunsets in their full glory and we have been fortunate to behold many of these mesmeric ones here in Nicobar islands and their more popular cousins in the andaman group and we thank the Almighty to bestow upon the opportunity to be a witness to these breath-takingly beautiful sunsets..
sunset at pilpillow beach, kamorta island
photo : Deepak Yadav, IPS

kimious beach, Carnicobar
photo : Deepak Yadav, IPS

sunset at macachua, little nicobar
photo : Jabestin Arulraj, IFoS

another shot of kimious beach
photo : Pandava Shreenu, NRHM