Thursday, 11 August 2016

tsunami preparedness in nicobar : the initiatives by the district disaster preparedness creative team

Tsunami is one of the most dreaded words for any citizen of Nicobar district. One eighth of the population was swept away by the onslaught of these murderous waves of 2004 December Tsunami. No eye can remain dry if one hears these heart rending tales when hopes, dreams and families were sacrificed at the altar of Nature's demonic manifestation encountered by these people. One can hardly make up for this loss but together we can be better prepared to take on the future ones while obviously hoping that such calamity must never occur again.
The District Disaster Preparedness Creative Team after a month of deliberation has come out with a disaster management booklet on tsunami which can be seen by following the link below:
This booklet is a very short and simple guide for the citizens to follow. the Nicobarese version would be made available soon and would be uploaded as well.

 Other important initiative was designing of two posters after much deliberation to explain the steps to be taken by the people in the easiest and shortest possible manner to take on the onslaught of any calamity. the creative team has also been given the responsibility to demonstrate through nukkad natak and other means in every school and village, the basic steps to brace oneself for any eventuality.
The survival kit and its contents. every family is being encouraged to prepare one

3 simple steps : what to do during tsunami??