Monday, 6 March 2017

A Journey To The Country's Southern Most Tip - Indira Point

(written by : Dr. Mohd Rehan Raza, Assistant Commissioner, Campbell Bay)

The Assistant Commissioner (Campbell bay), Dr Mohd Rehan Raza along with Commandant Coast Guard, Sh. Prem Kumar and their teams started the  ardous & challenging  journey to reach Indira point  from the breakwater Jetty, Campbell bay on board Indian Coast Guard ship Charlie class 414 at 7.40 am in morning on 5 march .After a journey of 1 hr travelling at 20-25 knots of  speed ; we reached the MATA TARUA BAY ; a SAFE LANDING SITE  .In the Mid sea we changed and hopped from the big boat to the small boats and Gemini ; moved for 10 mins. on small boat and then  landed on the western side of the Indira point as the sea is calm there  . The adventurous journey began on foot on the shores on sands at 10.15 am  Adjacent to the Bay of Bengal . After walking for approximately 1hr 40 mins  approximately 6.5 KMs we reached the Southernmost tip of the India ie. the famed Indira Point at 11:55 am where we also saw the Southernmost Lighthouse of India . we also became witness to the might of the open sea .  We offered floral tributes and our respect to the tall statue of late smti Indira Gandhi ji . We took pictures of the serene beauty surrounding Indira point . Jubilant all, a sense of pride and happiness was there on all the faces . Finally we all made it. 
This is the first time any officers from  administration has reached Indira point through this Sea route which is very challenging as the trekking requires total ,13 kms approx  of walking on sands that is 1.40 hrs for one side . It's physically very demanding and tests the endurance and stamina to the core. One has to be energetic and regularly  hydrated and get adapted to scorching Sun. This area was totally ravaged by the Tsunami of 2004 . Everything was wiped out and destroyed. Presently 2 Wells are there which can act as a source of water .
AC campbell bay, Dr. Rehan Raza and Commandant Coast Guard, Sh. Prem kumar and their men

Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi's statue can be seen in the back ground

The distt administration is keenly watching all these areas as it's strategically very important .The administration is pursuing  serious efforts to get developed  a land route ( road ) being constructed by GREF by extending the existing Shastri Nagar road from 35 kms to the Galathea river through an over bridge which will be finished in few yrs from now . The total length of road is estimated to be 56 kms approx .from the zero point Campbell Bay to Indira point .  when this road starts functioning it will cater to all the tourists to this most sought after place ; the southernmost tip of India; the Indira point. The present light house is being painted now (it's the southernmost light house) of India.
This place has huge tourism potential and it can be the  biggest attraction of tourists to Andaman &  Nicobar islands : a game changer. Presently no human settlement is here and this area  comes under the forest department jurisdiction .
This whole inspection Cum tour was organized by O/o A.C Campbell Bay with the support provided by Indian Coast Guard CGDHQ 10 and forest deptt ( A& NI)
The district administration is leaving no stones un turned in reaching the hitherto untouched areas as development and progress of the islands is the vision of the administration.