Sunday, 5 March 2017

Crop diversification - a success story of Krishi vigyan kendra in Nicobar

Maize cultivation in Carnicobar  
(written by : Sanjay Kumar Pandey, subject matter specialist - agronomy, ICAR - KVK, Nicobar)

Shri.Patrick from Tapoiming village, Car Nicobar of Nicobar district is a marginal farmer having 1.0 ha of land in which he grew Maize for the first time. Earlier he was cultivating a single crop by traditional method in his land with gross return of about Rs. 30,000/-. But after the intervention by Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Nicobar district for choosing his land for commercial vegetable and  Maize cultivation in scientific way as well as using his past experience of farming, he has learned about the advantages of improved technologies and took keen interest in converting his land area in to multiple production system. As we know that Car Nicobar totally comprises of tribal population and has different food habit and they are not fond of cereals. This is the reason why they do not practice cereal crop cultivation in their traditional agricultural system and totally depend on Govt. supplies system. Since Nicobarese are not aware of Maize farming, keeping this factor in mind KVK, Nicobar made initiative to promote maize at this Island and choosing one farmer from Tapoiming village of Car Nicobar. In this regards KVK-Nicobar surveyed their traditional agricultural practice system as well as food habits and conducted On Farm Trial (OFT) on Effects of Different Organic Manure on Growth and Yield of Maize cv. Hybryd-6010 to popularize the maize among the tribal people of Car Nicobar in different locations of the Island. The performance of maize was very surprising at Car Nicobar.

The farmers  have become very enthusiastic about the maize as a food supplement in their lifestyle and also added as fodder for their livestock. Now farmers have started maize cultivation practices in their kitchen garden as Bhutta and fodder. Tribal council of Car Nicobar and DC, Nicobar have appreciated the effort of KVK-Nicobar and also suggested for put more work in this regard.